Hot Offers


Combining Crimping and Baling

  • Moist grain crimping with Korte Mill
  • Grain drying & storage facility for customers' grain
  • Rolled wheat barley & oats - sold in bags or bulk
  • Forage Harvesters all equipped with Kemper headers and Kernel crackers.
  • We can provide a complete, or part service.


  • Ploughing with Auto Reset ploughs
  • Sub-Soiling with flat lift
  • Power harrowing
  • Rotavating
  • Spring tine
  • Discing + Press
  • Cambridge Rolling
  • Rexius cross-killed rollers, with leveling boards


  • Corn drilling
  • Grass drilling
  • Combi-drilling
  • Direct drilling
  • Mini-till corn drilling
  • Maize drilling with liquid fertiliser placement at 30" or 15" row pacings

Grass Silaging - Complete or Part service

  • Chopping with 500 & 600 hp foragers
  • Mowing with 8.5m Cut mowers
  • Tedding with 10.5m wide tedders
  • Raking from 7.6m to 13m wide
  • Buck raking with JCB shovel or 200hp tractors
  • Veenhuis 20t forage wagon for cost effective silage making

Grass Baling - Complete or Part service

  • With mini Heston Square balers - 80cm x 90cm bales
  • Wrapping with Mc Hale wrappers
  • We can provide a complete, or part service.

Maize Harvesting

  • Forage harvesters all equipped with Kemper headers and Kernal crackers.
  • We can provide a complete, or part service.

Muck Spreading, Slurry Pumping & Shallow Injecting

  • Pumping up to 3000m distance
  • Up to 40,000 gallons per hour
  • Tractors on low ground pressure tyres
  • Flow meters
  • Surface, deep or shallow injecting of slurry
  • Nitrogen testing
  • Vacci-tankers from 1,800 to 4,000 gallons with or without injectors
  • Dual spreaders & rear discharge spreaders
  • Bob Cat - telescopic & loading shovels for cleaning out buildings and loading spreaders.

Whole Crop Harvesting

We harvest with combine headers and grain processing rollers in the forage harvesters.